The usage of paying bills online has been rampant in recent years. From shopping to paying the utility, every kind of bill is facilitated to be cleared online. The technology has reached such heights, where paying the bills in-person at the stores is regarded as obsolete. In the same manner, medical bills are also facilitated to be paid online. Now the patients can pay their medical bills simply by logging into peryourhealth portal and typing in few credentials related to their bills. The official website for doing this is Any user who is looking to pay their bills can visit the portal any time but they need to carry a statement number. This way the cumbersome task of standing hours and hours together in long queues at the hospitals has been eradicated. There are other medical bill portals available but none does the job as perfectly as peryourhealth portal. Peryourhealth also beats its competitors in terms of speed, ease of usability and the perfect interface that it provides which can be understood by even a layman. is an online web-based portal. This portal helps users using peryourhealth pay your medical bills. peryourhealth makes it extremely convenient for them as the customers are now able to pay all the medical bills that they receive from medical hospitals and treatment. It is essential to provide a working email address and an account that works if you are not a registered user at peryourhealth.

  • To pay these medical bills, users are required to have an online account, and with the help of a user id. The user id is essential to log in and can be found in your medical billing statement.
  • Once users have the following information they are required to visit the peryourhealth website homepage to login
  • Once on the peryourhealth website homepage, you will be prompted to log in
  • The users will have to enter their account number from your medical statement or your registered user id to continue.
  • click enter after entering the required information, click enter
  • If users have forgotten their registered user id, they can look for the forgotton user id option below the login box
  • You will then be navigated to the peryourhealth, medical dashboard
  • Click here for instant login
Registration for peryourhealth is essential if you do not have an account and wish to use this web portal for the payment of your medical bills
  • To register you need to make sure you have a valid working e-mail id
  • Users are required to have a mobile number
  • Users must have their registered id which will be on their statement
  • Once you enter your user id, users will be required to enter their phone number and email address
Forgot UserID? provides an option to reset the user id if in case the user happens to forget it. Go to the portal and click on the forgot user option. Now you will be prompted to enter your account number. After entering the account number click on the submit button. You will now receive an email to your registered email address, kindly follow the instructions provided in that email. Thus you can reset your peryourhealth userid in few simple and easy steps.

Peryourhealth web portal service is available to everyone and functions every day at all timings
  • The users will not be charged and there are no hidden costs involved, as there is complete guarantee and trust
  • The website is totally secure, thus guaranteeing you your privacy and security
  • Users can conveniently check their account information and get all details
  • Users can go to the account option to see all their paid as well as pending bills and make payments accordingly.
  • Users can also avail other services such as redeem points, to redeem rewards you are to visit the offer page
  • Users can also check any due payments in their account and make immediate payment to clear such dues
  • Users after every payment or transaction will get a notification of confirmation.
Peryourhealth makes it straightforward and convenient service for you by making Bill payments that can be done in different ways. Many of them are by either internet banking, credit cards or even debit cards.

Users also have the benefit of completing payments which can be done by contacting the customer service option on the website. This makes the entire experience provided by peryourhealth completely user-friendly, safe, and extremely fast.

Some important links for you:
  • Here is the legit and official website of the peryourhealth i.e
  • Go to this link to reset your peryourhealth UserId 
  • The customer support service number of the portal is 18887024073 or 6126726724